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3 Benefits of First Aid Partnerships with Registered Training Organizations

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Accidents in the workplace can happen at any time, and quick intervention can be the difference between life and death. In this regard, organisations are required to have personnel who can offer first aid to injured workmates before first responders arrive. Therefore, first aid training is an excellent business idea for savvy investors. While it is difficult to become a first aid trainer, Registered Training Organisations (RTO) make it easy. You can collaborate with an RTO and offer training as a co-provider under their name. Read More»

Do New Parents Need First Aid Training?

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No matter how prepared you are for the birth of your first child, the reality of having a new human to look after can be a shock. Your baby will be totally dependent on you to start with, and even when your child gets older and more independent, you’ll be the first port of call if your child has medical problems. The problem you have as a new parent is the fact that you may not have the past experience of childhood illnesses and emergency situations that you may need if your child gets ill or has an accident. Read More»